Beef and Tofu Croquette

材料 (4 人前)

Beef and Tofu Croquette
Boned beef rib 200g
Tofu 1/2 block
Mixed vegetables 25g
Hijiki (dark seaweed) 20g
Egg 1
Wheat flour and bread flour Appropriate amount
Dark soy sauce 1 tablespoon [A]
Sake (alcohol) 1 tablespoon [A]
Grated onion 1/4 [A]
Light-brown miso 25g [B]
Toasted sesame (white) 2 teaspoons [B]
Sugar 20g [B]
Sake (alcohol) 1 teaspoon [B]
Lettuce 1/2
Cucumber 2
Tomato Appropriate amount


  1. Mix together [A] and then thoroughly marinate the boned beef rib.
  2. Mash the tofu by hand until it has lost its shape. Next, mix the mixed vegetables and hijiki (dark seaweed) into the mashed tofu. After this, season with the ingredients of [B] and then divide into 4 round shapes.
  3. Wrap the marinated meat around (2).
  4. Add the wheat flour, egg and bread flour and then fry in oil.
  5. Cut (4) into half and serve together with vegetables.

★ Notes★
● Mash the tofu by hand until it is no longer possible to discern its shape.

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