Italian-style Beef Roll Stew

Ingredients (4 Servings)

Beef round 700g
Dry-cured ham 4 slices
Garlic (slice) 2
Parsley stalk and leaf 12
Bay leaf 1
Tomato sauce 700cc
Consommé (solid) 2
Onion 2
Olive oil 40cc
Salt and pepper Small amount
Italian parsley 16
Wheat flour Small amount
Pasta 2 bundles
Cauliflower Appropriate amount


  1. Extend the beef topside to a thickness of 3-4mm with a tenderizer.
  2. Put the parsley and garlic into the center of the meat and then wrap tightly from the edges.
  3. After rolling tightly, cover the area around the meat with the dry-cured ham and then wrap with a kite string.
  4. Cover the surface with the wheat flour and cook in the olive oil. When cooking, remove the oil that appears while rolling.
  5. Pour in the red wine when it turns a well-cooked color.
  6. After firing the alcohol, mix together the tomato sauce, consommé, onion and bay leaf to make the sauce.
  7. Close the lid on the sauce you have made together with the meat and boil well for around 10 minutes.
  8. Separately boil the pasta and cauliflower in different pots.
  9. Transfer the meat to a dish, add and adjust the salt and pepper to the sauce, and then arrange the pasta and cauliflower. Finally, dress with the Italian parsley.

★ Notes★
● Thoroughly boil the sauce at a medium heat.
● Cut the meat in intervals of about 2cm.