Smoked Wrap of Beef and Autumn: Served with Walnut and Miso Sauce

Ingredients (4 Servings)

Beef sirloin (sliced) 8 slices
King trumpet mushroom 4
Asparagus 4
Salt and pepper Small quantity
Rice paper 8 sheets
Black tea leaves 20g [Smoking]
Sugar 20g [Smoking]
Cooking oil Appropriate amount
Tomato 1
Mayonnaise Appropriate amount
Walnut 60g [Walnut and Miso Sauce]
Boiling sake (alcohol) 45cc [Walnut and Miso Sauce]
Boiling mirin (sweet rice wine) 45cc [Walnut and Miso Sauce]
Light soy sauce 45cc [Walnut and Miso Sauce]
White sesame 20g [Walnut and Miso Sauce]
White miso 75g [Walnut and Miso Sauce]
Sesame paste 2 tablespoons [Walnut and Miso Sauce]
Pepper 2 teaspoons [Walnut and Miso Sauce]
Egg yolk 2 [Walnut and Miso Sauce]


  1. Cut the beef sirloin and king trumpet mushrooms in half.
  2. Sprinkle some salt and pepper on the king trumpet mushrooms and then lightly fry in a frying pan.
  3. Put the black tea and sugar into the frying pan and bake; then sprinkle salt and pepper on (2) and the beef and smoke.
  4. Deep fry the walnuts and then grind with a mortar while mixing in the white sesame, white miso, sesame paste, pepper and egg yolks.
  5. Blend together the boiling sake, boiling mirin (sweet rice wine) and light soy sauce with (4).
  6. Boil the asparagus and then remove the sinews
  7. Reconstitute the rice paper with water and wrap (3) and (6).
  8. Cut (7) and then serve in a dish decorated with (4)

★ Notes★
● The boiling sake and boiling mirin should be completely boiled down.
● The smoking should be done for about five minutes.
 (If cooked too much, the beef will become hard.)
● Grind the walnuts coarsely. (This is to cherish the texture of the walnuts.)
● The aroma of the mushrooms symbolizes autumn, so do not over-sauté the king trumpet mushrooms.