Beef and Grated Yam Fried Rice

材料 (4 人前)

Beef and Grated Yam Fried Rice
Beef (for grilling) 250g
Onion 1/2
Shimeji mushrooms (small) 1/2 bag
Ginger 25g
Salt and pepper Small amount
Monosodium glutamate Small amount
Soy sauce Small amount
Green perilla 10
Chinese yam 1
Rice (slightly hard) 4 rice bowls
Seasoned nori (seaweed) 1 bag
Sesame Appropriate amount
Green spring onion 1/2
Soy sauce A little over 4 tablespoons [A]
Sugar 8 tablespoons [A]
Sake (alcohol) 4 tablespoons [A]


  1. Finely chop the onion and ginger. Remove the ends of the shimeji mushrooms and separate finely. Turn the green spring onion into white spring onion and wash in water. Then, cut the green perilla finely. Next finely cut some of the beef (50g) and then cut the remaining 200g thin.
  2. Heat the oil in a wok, put in the beef and then stir-fry a little. Put in the onion and shimeji mushrooms, further stir-fry and then add the rice. Next, add the salt, pepper and monosodium glutamate to lightly season. After this, put in the ginger and produce the aroma with the soy sauce.
  3. Put [A] into a pot and heat. When the flavor is ready, put in the beef and lightly cook.
  4. Peel the yam and grate.
  5. Serve (2) on a plate and then dress with the sesame, green perilla, nori (seaweed) and Chinese yam in that order. Next pour over the beef of (3) and the broth (small amount) and then decorate with the white spring onion.

★ Notes★
● The salty-sweet boiled beef and Chinese yam go extremely well together in stir-fry with the taste of ginger.

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