Hyuga Pumpkin Paste and Miyazaki Beef Sirloin Wraps

材料 (4 人前)

Hyuga Pumpkin Paste and Miyazaki Beef Sirloin Wraps
Beef sirloin (sliced) 100g
Hyuga pumpkin 150g
Milk 40ml
Salt and pepper Small amount
Wheat flour Appropriate amount
Sesame oil 2 tablespoons
Red pepper
(without seeds)
Sichuan pepper
(beat coarsely)
1/2 (small)
Garlic (sliced) 1/2
Ginger (sliced) 1/2
Oil 2 tablespoons
Sugar 1 tablespoon [A]
Balsamic vinegar 1 tablespoon [A]
Shaoxing rice wine 1 tablespoon [A]
Soy sauce 1 tablespoon [A]
Basil Appropriate amount [A]
Salt and pepper Small amount [A]


  1. Cut the pumpkin into 3cm squares and then steam with a steamer for around 15 minutes.
  2. After steaming, remove the peel, crush and strain. Next, add the milk and salt.
  3. Spread out each slice of meat individually and the lightly sprinkle with the salt and pepper. Place an amount of (2) that is just under the size of a ping pong ball at the edge of each slice of meat and then bend so that the base is a triangle. Next fold up and then finally round off to make an even shape.
  4. Beat the wheat flour into (3).
  5. Heat the oil in a wok and then heat this all over on a medium heat until given color.
  6. Wash the wok, heat and then put in the sesame oil, red peppers and Sichuan pepper. After the aroma comes out, add the garlic and ginger. Next, put in [A]. After boiling, boil down until thick. Add the basil and then turn off the heat.
  7. Serve (4) on a dish and cover with (5) to complete.

★ Notes★
● When wrapping the meat with the garnish, it is best to place the final end of the meat into openings in the meat so that it does not fall apart in cooking.
● Do not burn the garlic or ginger.
They will burn and become bitter if you do not perform this step quickly.
(It is best to stop the heat and then perform this step.)

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