Fried Wraps of Products from Miyazaki Prefecture

材料 (4 人前)

Beef sirloin (sliced) 8
Bell pepper 2
Shiitake mushroom 5-6
Carrot 1
Pumpkin 1/2
Dried radish strips 40g
Miso 500g
Hebesu 2
Cherry tomato 4
Parsley Appropriate amount
Buckwheat flour Appropriate amount


  1. Cut the bell pepper, shiitake mushrooms, carrot and pumpkin into strips on the slightly largish size.
  2. Quickly boil the vegetables with some salt.
  3. Add sake (alcohol), mirin (sweet rice wine) and broad bean chili paste to the miso and smooth out.
  4. Dress the boiled vegetables with the Hebesu and seasoning.
  5. Wrap the dressed vegetables with the beef sirloin and fry in a frying pan. (Lightly pour over the buckwheat flour when the vegetables have been wrapped with the beef sirloin.)
  6. Place the miso on the fried meat, place on the sliced Hebesu and then serve on a plate.

★ Notes★
● Wrap up the vegetables produced in Miyazaki Prefecture with Miyazaki Beef and then fry.
● Use plenty of the Hebesu produced in Miyazaki Prefecture.
● Put broad bean chili paste into the miso to accent it.
● Lightly sprinkle buckwheat flour over the beef when frying the meat.

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